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Mainzer Kammerspiele
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Les Antliaclastes sind eine Figurentheatergruppe mit Sitz in Maillet, Frankreich. Ihre Arbeit zeichnet sich durch die einzigartige Mischung verschiedener Figurentheatertechniken aus. Gegründet wurde die Gruppe vom amerikanischen Puppenspieler und Regisseur Patrick Sims, der sie bis heute künstlerisch leitet. Sims hat Schattenspiel in Java studiert und unter anderem mit dem legendären Bread and Puppet Theatre gearbeitet.


Stories from the belly of the whale

Ambregris is the story of Pinocchio, who searches for his creator in the belly of the whale. It is the story of Jonah from the Bible who spends three days and nights inside the giant sea. And it is the story of Captain Ahab, who chases the white whale across the oceans only to be defeated in the end.
Ambregris is set in a perfume laboratory modeled on the inside of a whale. Here the perfumer – the „nose“ – goes in search of the perfect fragrance. To do this, he needs the precious ambergris, the waxy substance from the whale’s digestive tract, which is used in the manufacture of exclusive perfumes.
Ambregris is a wild ride through literature, an olfactory opera with always new surprises in an elaborate and changeable stage design!

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Direction, puppet making and play: Patrick Sims
Masks and puppet making: Josephine Biereye
Costumes: Camille Lamy Doll building and puppet
making: Richard Penny, Nicolas Hubert
Sound design and puppet play: Karine Dumont
Lighting design: Sophie Barraud, Jean Grison


For adults and young people aged 14 and over,
admission: shortly before the start of the performance



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